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Wednesday, July 28, 2023

AI Should Not Be Feared

As the publishing industry evolves, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now being used to create books faster than ever. In recent years, AI-generated books have become increasingly popular as they are faster, more precise, and more accurate than ever before. It is also possible to tailor AI-generated books to specifically meet the needs of readers, making them even more appealing. Is AI an option for you when it comes to creating your books? Yes, AI-generated books are time-saving and accurate. Depending on the complexity of the book, AI can write a book in a few days. Moreover, AI-generated books are more likely to be free of typos and grammatical errors, making them even more appealing to readers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made editing books for publishing companies easier and more efficient. In spite of the loss of jobs caused by the use of AI in the freelance editing industry, there are some advantages as well. AI can quickly and accurately identify errors in grammar and spelling, removing the emotional factor from the book editing process. Additionally, AI can help publishers quickly identify and correct errors in formatting and content, saving valuable time in the publishing process. Overall, using AI in the book editing process makes publishing books easier and faster than ever before.

AI is an invaluable asset to the publishing industry and should be embraced, not feared. With the right tools, AI can assist writers, authors, and editors create better content faster and more efficiently. AI can help writers hone their craft, refine their writing, and offer new perspectives.


As AI evolves, it will become an even more powerful tool, providing writers with insights and ideas they never imagined. In short, AI will become the author's muse, helping authors and editors create the stories they’ve always wanted to tell. One of the biggest complaints regarding Indie authors and self-publishing quality, especially that involving editing.


This should now be less of an issue opening the door of interest to those who would never before read self-published work because of editing mistakes. Overall, the self-publishing scenario becomes more positive.

To Rebrand a Book Series or Not

Special Editions. Why Bother?

At Dark Dove Publishing, we specialize in giving old stories a new twist. We take book series that have been neglected or ignored by readers and transform them into fresh and exciting reads. We redesign the book covers, create a marketing strategy, and adapt the story structure to make the books more appealing to modern readers. We also run a publicity campaign before the book’s re-launch to maximize its exposure and reach. Our aim is to explore the question: why rebrand a series? What are the benefits and challenges of doing so? How do readers respond to the rebranded books? What were the reasons for the original branding? Was it due to low quality, poor sales, editing issues, or something else? And most importantly, what were the outcomes of the rebranding? Did it succeed or fail?

Next Planner In The Works

Dark Dove Publishing is the go-to source for fun and innovative planners that are perfect for everyone. Whether you are looking for a planner to organize your personal or professional life, or a journal to unleash your creativity, you will find what you need in our wide selection of collections. These planners feature black-and-white interiors, un-dated schedules, coloring pages, humor, challenges, and more - allowing for room for personal touches. Plus, our great covers make them perfect for collecting. So what's the next planner coming out? What a spooktacular question!

When I was a kid, we used to read "Tintin." It was a way our parents hoped would encourage us to read more. It did. I think the attraction was the full-color medium with a story to tell that was both comical and adventurous. We grew to love the Tintin character and his little dog, Snowy. In fact, our bike runs to the library became a weekly thing, to get more Tintin books. 


At Dark Dove Publishing, our goal is to deliver books that not only tell a captivating story but also provide a unique experience for our readers. We specialize in full-color books as part of our series, The Adventures of Iggy Squiggles, which targets readers ages 4 to 7, that offer an original format, with a captivating color palette that truly brings the stories to life. The goal is to bring a new collection of easy reading materials to encourage those who struggle with reading, to read more.


We believe that no age limit should be set when it comes to enjoying books with color - whether it be a comic book, a graphic novel, or just a regular novel. We strive to provide a one-of-a-kind experience for our readers and to enthrall them with stories that are truly unique.

The Latest Planners

One of Four Covers To Collect.jpg
One of Four Covers To Collect.jpg
One of Four Covers To Collect.jpg

Dark Dove Publishing is proud to introduce its new Planner Series, the Ellie Arden Planner Collections! Their first collection, "Seasons," is now available for four quarters: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each undated planner is overflowing with activities, a quarterly un-dated date book for scheduling, recipes, coloring pages, information, challenges, and humor. Plus, each quarter has four unique covers to choose from, or collect all four! 

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