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Turning Deadly Series


Ever since the dawn of time, two ancient forces have ruled over the destiny of mankind, shaping their lives into a game for their amusement--one benevolent, one malevolent. Their obsession with humans was incomprehensible. They fought every day for their souls, each wanting to have total dominion and using any means necessary, even risking to upset the balance between good and evil to achieve their goals. They altered histories, changed fates, made sinister deals, lured, mocked, and twisted the outcomes of humans by employing unlikely allies. The torment of the innocent and the exploitation of the damned was increasing, darkening the world. Everything was going according to their plans, their contest for supremacy entertaining. That was until they laid their eyes on Amanda Stevens. Her agony was not meant for amusement, her fate was to be her own and the damned would become her allies. Fate would have a new meaning and the human soul would no longer be up for grabs. Together with the Serpent of the damned, and with the help of FBI Agent Scott Marshall, they would finally end the ancient madness or be doomed to serve it forever.

Dial 911-Dead

Jack loved Lake Town. It is where he grew up, where he met his first love, and where he built his career as an architect. He left for twenty years to pursue his dreams in the big city, to set up an affiliate company in New York, but he returned when his business partner and best friend died in a car accident. He needed the comfort and familiarity of his hometown, the soothing sound of the water, and the friendly faces of the neighbors. But something changed Lake Town. Something dark and sinister. Jack noticed the changes as soon as he arrived. The town was quieter than usual, the people more reserved and distant. There was a palpable tension in the air, a sense of unease and fear. Jack wondered what had happened to the town he remembered so fondly.

He soon learned that the town had a terrible secret. Years ago, right after he'd left for New York, two children had gone missing near the lake. They were never found, and no one knew what happened to them. The town had tried to move on, but the mystery haunted them. Some said they saw the children's ghosts near the water, others said they heard their cries at night. Some blamed a serial killer, others blamed a cult. No one had any answers. Jack was intrigued by the story, but he didn't think much of it at first. He had his own problems to deal with, his own grief to overcome. He tried to focus on his work, designing a new hotel for the town's tourism industry. He hoped that the project would revitalize the town and bring some joy back to its people. He tried to deal with the accumulated work.

But then strange things started to happen to him. He saw shadows moving in the corners of his eyes, but when he turned to look, there was nothing there. He heard his phone ring in the middle of the night, but when he answered it, he only heard a child sobbing on the other end. He felt someone following him on his way home from work, but when he turned around, he saw no one. He found things moved or missing in his office and his home as if someone had been there without his knowledge. He felt a cold presence in his closets as if something was hiding there. Jack began to wonder if he was losing his mind. Was he hallucinating? Was he suffering from post-traumatic stress? Was he being haunted by his partner's spirit? Or was there something else going on? Something more sinister and dangerous?

Jack decided to investigate the town's past and find out what happened to the missing children. He hoped that by solving the mystery, he would also solve his own problems. He didn't know that he was digging up a grave that should have stayed buried. He didn't know that he was putting himself in mortal danger. He didn't know that some secrets are better left alone. He should never have answered his phone.

Tails Told Chronicles - Madra's Revenge
Book One: So It Was Told

This is a story about a brave and curious field mouse named Katie. She has always wondered what it would be like to live in a cozy house with humans, instead of in the cold and dark Great Oak on Silver Stream Farm. But Katie's life is not as simple as she thinks. She has a special destiny that she doesn't know about yet. She also has many friends and enemies on the farm, some of whom are very dangerous. One day, a new girl comes to live on the farm, and Katie is determined to find out more about her. But she doesn't realize that someone else has also come to the farm, someone who is watching her every move from the hay loft of the Old Barn. Katie will have to face many challenges and dangers, such as snakes, rats, owls, cats, and humans, as well as the evil Madra who wants revenge on all humans for what one human did to her -- threw her away after claiming to love her. Now Madra has her eyes set on the little girl. Will Katie be able to stop Madra? Will she ever fulfill her dream of becoming a house mouse? Or will she discover that she is meant for something greater?

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