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The Business of Writing




6 Months

About the Course

If you want to succeed as a freelance writer, editor, or content writer, you need to master the Business of Writing. This course will teach you how to handle the business aspects of your writing career, from negotiating contracts and fees, to marketing your services and building relationships with clients and publishers. You will also learn how to communicate effectively, write proposals and contracts, create a small business plan, set up a bank account, keep track of your income and expenses, and comply with regulations and requirements.

The course consists of modules, each with a specific learning objective and a practical assignment. For each module, materials have been provided to help you through the course and allow for quick references or easy use to complete assignments. There is no pass or fail; the information provided here is meant to help you hone your craft. The modules are:

Module 1: Multiple Lessons

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a freelance writer, this module will provide you with an overview of the business of writing. You will discover the various types of writing services that you can offer to clients. In our lessons,

You will learn:

  • what a niche is and why you need it

  • what your target market is

  • what your target market's needs and expectations are

  • how to reach your target market

  • what kinds of services you can offer:

    • copywriting

    • content writing

    • blogging

    • ghostwriting

Practical Assignment



Module 2: Multiple Lessons

The skills and qualifications that you need to succeed as a freelance writer. In our lessons,

You will learn:

  • writing proficiency

  • research ability

  • communication skills

  • self-discipline

  • their meanings and requirements

Practical Assignment



Module 3: Multiple Lessons

Explore the benefits and challenges of being a freelance writer. In our lessons,

  • flexibility

  • income potential

  • creativity

  • competition

  • isolation

  • manage your time, workload, and productivity to meet deadlines and quality standards

Practical Assignment



Module 4: Multiple Lessons

A professional portfolio and website. Building a reputation as a reliable and proficient writer is extremely important. There are steps to take to start your own small business. In this module, you will discover things to do to build a professional portfolio and website. In our lessons,

You will learn:

  • how to showcase your writing skills

  • how to showcase your experience

  • if you need a website and why

Practical Assignment



Module 5: Multiple Lessons

Create a legal and financial structure. In our lessons,

You will learn:

  • what you need to be a beneficial, working and thriving business person

  • how to promote yourself

  • what kind of sales process you have and what it involves

  • why following up with clients is important

  • why you need to be organized

  • what tools to use to keep track of things

  • how to deal with deadlines

  • how to deal with expectations of yourself and your clients

  • that you need a quality control process in place and what it entails

Practical Assignment



Module 6: Multiple Lessons

Negotiating and Contract Writing. One of the most important skills for a freelance writer is negotiating and contract writing. Whether you are working with clients or publishers, you need to know how to communicate your value, set your fees and terms, and protect your rights and interests. In our lessons,

You will learn:

  • how to clarify ownership rights of your writing work

  • who owns copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights and when does a lawyer need to be involved

  • if you can reuse material

  • if you will get credit or remain anonymous

  • how you handle any disagreements or conflicts that may arise during or after the project

  • if you will use mediation, arbitration or litigation

  • how to research the market and your potential clients or publishers

  • how to prepare a proposal or pitch that showcases your skills and experience

  • how to negotiate your fees, deadlines, revisions, and other terms

  • how to negotiate contracts, rates, and terms of service with clients and publishers to write a clear and professional contract or agreement that covers all the essential clauses

  • how to deal with common issues and disputes, such as late payments, scope creep, plagiarism, or breach of contract

  • how establishing a dispute resolution mechanism is a smart move

  • how to make the deal based on scope of project, deliverable, word count, format, style, and quality standards

  • if revisions are included

  • how to invoice the client, when and how to receive payment

  • about Terms and conditions

  • what are the costs and risks involved with litigation, arbitration or mediation

  • how important is your reputation

Forum Discussion: What to do when they don't pay?

Practical Assignment



Module 7: Multiple Lessons

Marketing and Networking. Marketing and networking are essential skills for any freelance writer who wants to succeed in the competitive and dynamic industry. In our lessons,

You will learn:

  • how to market yourself and your services effectively

  • to use the portfolio you're creating

  • how to use social media and online platforms to promote your brand and connect with your audience

  • how to network with other writers and professionals who can offer you opportunities, feedback, and support

Practical Assignment



Module 8: Multiple Lessons

Meeting Like-Minded Individuals. The biggest challenged I faced when first starting out, was being so isolated and unsure of myself. I've since then discovered the best way to avoid this was connecting to other writers. It was tough at first, but eventually I met some wonderful fellow writers. In our lessons,

You will learn:

  • the value of joining memberships

  • the value of joining job boards

  • the importance of creating profiles

Practical Assignment



Module 9: Multiple Lessons

Working with Clients and Publishers. One of the most important skills for a freelance writer is working with clients and publishers. This module will teach you how to build and maintain good rapport with them, how to communicate your needs and expectations clearly and professionally, how to deal with feedback and revisions in a constructive way, and how to meet deadlines and deliver quality work consistently. In our lessons,

You will learn to:

  • identify the types and sources of clients and publishers for freelance writers

  • understand the benefits and challenges of working with different kinds of clients and publishers

  • develop effective communication strategies for different stages of the writing process

  • respond to feedback and revisions in a positive and professional manner

Practical Assignment



Module 10: Multiple Lessons

Business Planning and Management. In this module, you will learn how to create a small business plan for your writing career, how to set up a bank account and a payment system, how to keep track of your income and expenses, and how to file taxes and invoices. As a freelance writer, you need to treat your career as a small business. This means you need to plan ahead, manage your finances, and comply with legal requirements. In this module, you will learn the essential skills and tools to run your writing business successfully. In our lessons,

You will learn:

  • to create a small business plan that outlines your goals, services, target market, pricing, and marketing strategies

  • to set up a bank account and a payment system that allows you to receive payments from clients and pay for your expenses

  • to keep track of your income and expenses using a spreadsheet or an accounting

  • to set up a brand

  • to create a logo

  • to create letterhead

  • to create business forms using your brand

  • that if in Canada, you need to acquire a business number

  • that if in Canada, you need to get a GST number

  • that if in the United States, set up tax forms

  • if you are eligable to work in other countries remotely

  • to file taxes and create invoices according to the laws and regulations of your country

  • to avoid common pitfalls and challenges that freelance writers face in their business

Practical Assignment



Module 11: Multiple Lessons

As a freelance writer, you need to be aware of the regulations and requirements that apply to your work and your business. In our lessons,

You will learn:

  • Copyright laws: You must respect the intellectual property rights of others and avoid using their work without permission or proper attribution. You also need to protect your own work from unauthorized use or distribution.

  • Plagiarism: You must not copy or paraphrase someone else's words or ideas and present them as your own. Plagiarism is not only unethical but also illegal and can damage your reputation and credibility.

  • Confidentiality: You must respect the privacy and confidentiality of your clients and sources and not disclose any sensitive or personal information without their consent. You also need to safeguard your own data and documents from unauthorized access or theft.

  • Liability: You are responsible for the quality and accuracy of your work and any consequences that may arise from it. You may be liable for damages or legal action if your work causes harm or injury to someone or violates their rights or interests.

  • Insurance: You may need to obtain professional liability insurance or other types of insurance to cover yourself and your business from potential risks or losses. Insurance can help you pay for legal fees, settlements, or damages in case of a claim or lawsuit.

  • Licenses and permits: You may need to obtain certain licenses or permits to operate your business legally and comply with local, state, or federal regulations. These may include business licenses, tax registrations, zoning permits, etc.

  • Other regulations and requirements: Depending on the type and scope of your work, you may need to follow other regulations and requirements such as contracts, invoices, payments, taxes, etc. You should consult with a lawyer, accountant, or other professional to ensure that you meet all the legal and ethical obligations of being a freelance writer.

Forum Discussion: How do you protect yourself from legal issues?

Practical Assignment



Module 12: Multiple Lessons

Working with templates and forms. Material provided for exercises and use.

Practical Assignments




Materials Provided

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills to run your own writing business successfully and confidently.

Course Summary Video

Breakdown of Fees: $904.00

$ 200.00 - base programming

$ 200.00 - For module set-up

$ 400.00 - For lessons: including:

  • videos

  • our copywritten forms

  • other materials

  • research

  • resources

  • forum access

  • Practical Assignment & Instructor Assessment

  • quizz

  • summary

  • instructor access

  • 6 month access to program


  • taxes

  • service fee

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Your Instructor

J.L. Slipak

J.L. Slipak

Certified Freelance Writer, Editor, Published Author, CEO of Dark Dove Publishing, Over 40 Years of Experience in The Written World

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