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Dark Dove Publishing has over 40 years of experience in business and creative endeavors. This includes freelance writing, freelance editing, illustrating, business management, and working with publishing houses, publicity firms, and distribution companies. Reviewing and structuring manuscripts, mentoring young writers, creating/teaching writing workshops, writing for newspapers/magazines, playwriting, screenplays, producing and directing stage productions, photography, speaking at guest appearances, writing technical specifications, manuals for interior design and decorating, architectural drafting, and more. They publish both nonfiction and fiction genres. Their books target issues like personal growth and development, creativity in schools, the performing arts, choreography, and teaching dance. They publish the following fictional genres: romance, fantasy, science fiction, supernatural and paranormal thrillers for adults; and, picture books, chapter books, middle-grade novels/series, graphic novels, and young adults for children/teens.

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"None of your personal information will be shared without permission. Each recipe will be headed up with the title of the food, the recipe itself, then, your first name, and your city at the end. You can add your last name if you wish."

In 2008, Dark Dove Publishing was founded by J.L. Slipak, a published author, certified freelance writer, editor, and entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in many creative and business fields. In conjunction with The WRITE Affiliates, Dark Dove Publishing began helping both seasoned and new authors alike with their expertise and experience. They incorporated their knowledge and expertise into courses, coaching, mentoring, and writing articles. To date, their efforts have produced excellence in writing, design, and published material. They invite you to discover the Dark Dove difference, and become the success you're meant to be!



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