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Established in the industry for over 40 years, J.L. Slipak in conjunction with Dark Dove Publishing has a diverse portfolio of experience in both creative and business endeavors. With a wide range of skills, together they offer freelance writing, editing, illustrating, and business management services to clients across various sectors, including publishing, publicity firms, and distribution companies. Their expertise also extends to manuscript review, editing, and structuring, mentorship of emerging writers, writing, ghostwriting, novel formatting, workshop development and teaching, journalism, playwriting, screenwriting, stage production, photography, public speaking, technical writing for interior design and decorating, architectural drafting, and more.

Dark Dove Publishing specializes in both non-fiction and fiction titles, focusing on themes such as cooking, personal growth and development, writing, creativity in education, the performing arts, choreography, and dance instruction. Their fiction genres include contemporary, romance, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, supernatural, and paranormal thrillers for adult readers; as well as picture books, chapter books, middle-grade novels and series, graphic novels, and young adult novels.

The WRITE Affiliates specializes in editing services, ghostwriting, design, watchdog services, workshops, training seminars, publicity, and marketing.

The Book Chatterer specializes in video book reviews, discussions, interviews, and how-to videos for writing, chats, and writing information.

My Book Abyss specializes in written reviews, book release announcements, written interviews, and informative discussions.

Plethora supplies articles for all areas of discussion, and the Dark Dove Tribune.

Authors represented by Dark Dove Publishing, include:

J. Spence

J. Lynn Slipak

J.L. Slipak


Elaine Arden

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"None of your personal information will be shared without permission. Each recipe will be headed up with the title of the food, the recipe itself, then, your first name, and your city at the end. You can add your last name if you wish."

In 2008, Dark Dove Publishing was founded by J.L. Slipak, a published author, certified freelance writer, editor, and entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in many creative and business fields. In conjunction with The WRITE Affiliates, Dark Dove Publishing began helping seasoned and new authors with their expertise and experience. They incorporated their experience into courses, coaching, mentoring, and writing articles. To date, their efforts have produced excellence in writing, design, and published material. They invite you to discover the Dark Dove difference, and become the success you're meant to be!



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